The brand Clone was created in 1994 as a vision of its creator, Bruno Bordese. After years in the most important fashion brands, Bordese feels the need to create their own path of art and design, translating into unique items but pop what for others was pure art. His dream: to change the rules of the shoes, reverse the laws of design, creating something that doesn’t exist, but with concrete roots. Hence the name Clone.

In ancient Greek, the term refers to the identical reproduction of something, a perfect copy or with the same characteristics. Cloning for Swarthy means just give new life to the past, reworking it along. In short, the brand Clone arouses interest in the major Italian and foreign buyers that define it as “read”.

Clone is just that: cross between humor and intellectualism; unconventional in its fusion of new and past. Since 1998, Clone produces campaigns for which relies on the most important international photographers, like Bettina Komenda, in order to consecrate a precise style which over the years becomes more intellectually through special processes that couple different skins and combine strong colours such as red, black and gray.

After this period more dark, from 2002 Clone goes increasingly towards pop, vintage research that relies on exponential creativity that turns in the processing of forms, and the use of materials before deemed unthinkable: skins of reptiles to Toad, from various furs to feathers.

Each collection is a figment, a unique and fleeting spark.

Maybe that’s why the main European customers to Clone are designers, architects, artists and intellectuals.

And always for the same reason, the brand has aroused great interest in the countries of the Far East, animated by a keen sense of style and research material, the risk, and which are less related to patterns dictated and imposed rules.

Clone continues pop, consistent with the evolution of society and surprisingly projected towards a future that only a visionary like Bruno Bordese can see.

In continuous transformation. Because as the same Bordese admits “the product will make its way, but no one can say what will be.”